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Autis Autism Malaysia - Autistic Association KL Malaysia.

Autistic Association

The number of Autistic kids has been increasing trend and in a very ridiculous figure.

Therefore the autistic associations has also been in the same trend. Unfortunately many of these associations do not have enough expert to help all these autistic kids, in learning and teaching facilities. The dollars that have been spend in teaching and training all these autistic kids goes up in many billions of dollars yearly in USA and also all over the world. Our team has been researching on the autistic treatment more then others associations,since 1980's we have achieved good result.

We believes that only teaching and parrot like training is not the way for the development for autistic kid. So that has brought us more will to research on the Neuro Acupuncture and Special Herbal Brain powder for the treatment. Over all these years of hands on treatment and research, we have set up very effective Neuro Treatment for these autistic kids.


Isolated in worlds of their own, people with autism appear indifferent and remote and are unable to form emotional bonds with others. Although people with this baffling brain disorder can display a wide range of symptoms and disability, many are incapable of understanding other people's thoughts, feelings, and needs. Often, language and intelligence fail to develop fully, making communication and social relationships difficult. Many people with autism engage in repetitive activities, like rocking or banging their heads, or rigidly following familiar patterns in their everyday routines. Some are painfully sensitive to sound, touch, sight, or smell.

Children with autism do not follow the typical patterns of child development. In some children, hints of future problems may be apparent from birth. In most cases, the problems become more noticeable as the child slips farther behind other children the same age. Other children start off well enough. But between 18 and 36 months old, they suddenly reject people, act strangely, and lose language and social skills they had already acquired.

As a parent, teacher, or caregiver you may know the frustration of trying to communicate and connect with children or adults who have autism. You may feel ignored as they engage in endlessly repetitive behaviors. You may despair at the bizarre ways they express their inner needs. And you may feel sorrow that your hopes and dreams for them may never materialize.

But there is help-and hope. Gone are the days when people with autism were isolated, typically sent away to institutions. Today, many youngsters can be helped to attend school with other children. Methods are available to help improve their social, language, and academic skills.

Autism is found in every country and region of the world, and in families of all racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Emerging in childhood, it affects about 3 or 4 people in every thousand and is three to four times more common in boys than girls. Girls with the disorder, however, tend to have more severe symptoms and lower intelligence.

Has one of Chinese Master in KL Kuala Lumpur, he is dedicated to understanding the workings and inter-relationships of the various regions of the brain, and to developing preventive measures and new treatments for disorders like autism that handicap people in school, work, and social relationships and brain damage or vegetable.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatment in KL Kuala Lumpur has identifying underlying causes and effective treatments of autism kids, please see Autism Acupuncture and herbal treatment in KL Kuala Lumpure.

Also described are symptoms and diagnostic procedures, treatment options, strategies for coping, and sources of information and support. CHINESE MASTER' WAY OF MEDICATION HAVE GOOD EFFECTIVENESS FOR IMPROVEMENT ON AUTISTIC KIDS and very high result for brain problems and complications. Some autistic kids is now living a normal life some with extras ordinary IQ and special talent, all these parents did not expect their kids tope as normal as they are now, they were trying to improve them in their daily living, so now all are very happy!!!!!.

The True Story From Korea

Joe is 8 years old an Autistic Kid from Korea. Even though Korea recognized acupuncture and Joe's grand father is the top acupuncture physician there, he can't help. Others specialist can not do much for remedy.

Being a father of an autistic kid, his father has a lot of pressure and looking for answer desperately. There finally came to see CHINESE MASTER ACUPUNCTURIST in KL Kuala Lumpure through high recommendation from a friend.

When he first came into KL acupuncture and herbal centre everyone in the premise had a shock from his 'super-hyper active behavior'. Jumping and screaming all over the place and zero communication and eyes contact .He is in his own world, very scared and frustrated, until he hits himself on the head continuous for about 10 mins to 30 mins.

Chinese Master Acupuncturist applied Qi Qong and acupuncture treatment to calmed him down. According to Chinese Master it is his brain's Qi is not moving smoothly . He calm down after 30 minutes ,then had another session of Qi Qong and acupuncture after one hour.

3 days of treatment went by and they can see that Joe can respond to instruction from his father and has some eyes contact. They went back to Korea because his father has only 3 days of lift from work, but he book for the second visit that is after six months. He took 6 months of herbal medication ( 168 SPECIAL BRAIN'S POWDER )home and a list of do's and done's .

After 6 months they came for 30 days of treatment. We saw a lot of different from 6 months back when they first visit Chinese Master Acupuncturist in KL. The father is so happy and told us he have finally found the right place for his son Joe. He said all his relative in Korea said he has improved a lot since he took acupuncture and herbal treatment and special brain's powder.

For the 30 days here everyday he has 2 session of treatment, that is 60 treatments in total. We can see him improving everyday and in the end of the treatment he was about 80% !!! recovered. They have to go home now and promise to come in 12 months time.

The 3rd visit comes, he was almost 90% recovered!!! when we see him. Still we give him the same treatment for 30 days. In the end of this trip he is quit confident and normal in most of his activities. They went home with a HAPPY HEART !!! NO MORE MEDICINE, WORRY, STRESS, FRUSTRATION, SLEEPLESS NIGHT.

I hope all the special kids can get well and live a normal life.

Case 2- True Story

Zi Ran, 4 years old, Male. Doctor has been authenticating that he has autistic since 1 year old. His families already tried all kinds of treatment and therapies to get him out from autism. Others specialist cannot do much for remedy. Being parents of an autistic kid, their parents have a lot of pressure and looking for treatment desperately.

They say that their son has no eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, body postures and gestures to regulate social interaction. He cannot share his interest and enjoyment with anybody even his sister and his parents. He cannot make a conversation with others and only make a noise sound, not even a single word from him. He is totally in his own world and don't care about anything that happen around him. Sometimes he will repeat his behavior or interest. He cannot focus on one thing and always scream and throw tantrum if he didn't get what he want or when things does not happen the usual way.

Finally one of their friends has known about Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatment in KL from one of his colleague and he also heard that Chinese Master Acupuncturist is a successful traditional Master , being the Master in acupuncture and the Top Chinese Physician in this part of the world. Has been treating hundreds of autistic kids ,The friend said during his own treatment in the medical center he saw many autistic kids improved. They agreed to meet Chinese Master Acupuncturist and ask him to do Neuro Acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment to their son.

After making an appointment they meet Chinese Master Acupuncturist at Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Centre in KL. They told everything about Zi Ran. Chinese Master Acupuncturist has treated hundreds of autistic kids before and he knows what Zi Ran condition.


Chinese Master Acupuncturist applied NEURO QI GONG AND ACUPUNCTURE to calmed him down. Chinese Master Acupuncturist told them that Qi energy in Zi Ran brain not moving smoothly. Chinese Master will let the energy move smoothly and keep it balancing back to normal. He calm down after 30 minutes treatment and continue it until one hour for first session. He cannot stay in one place, he also disturb every kids who play their toy and he screams if they didn't let him play. Even when the parents try to stop him it was difficult. They try biting him really hard but it did not work he still wants to have his way and disturb others.

He still continues doing acupuncture and after 3 days of acupuncture he shows a great improvement. His eyes contact has improve and he can see his mother eyes more than 10 seconds. He responds to his father when his father calls his name.


He still continuing doing acupuncture and take medication (Brain Powder). After a few months doing NEURO Acupuncture, all people around him keep saying that he has been improving everyday and now time he was 80% recovered. Now his eyes contact are perfect, he can make facial expression and his body posture and gestures are improve. No un-meaningful screaming from his mouth anymore and he can SPEAK like normal kids. That was impressed anybody (all the regular patients) who see him. They were surprised for him because he started with "0" communication "0" eyes contact in his own world and always scream whenever he cannot get his own way and severe Autism but now can communicate and answer the question back and play normally very charming all the time with others. He also can share interest and enjoyment with other people. His super hyperactive behavior also change and now he is smarter and love to study. He is excellent in Mathematics and love to do his school homework. He can focus in whatever he does now and he is not in his world anymore. He is almost 90% recovered! When we see him. He still continue the same treatment to build up his confident to begin a normal life like other kids.

Finally their parents found the miracle touch from Chinese Master Acupuncturist, traditional doctors and physician. They are very happy on what have he done and their son life totally change after they met Chinese Master. His families and other people were happy with her improvement and condition right now. They were very happy with new reborn of Zi Ran. And give the whole family joy and happiness that could not be found with Zi Ran's old self.

Autism Cure Case 4- True Story

Name : Zhong Yu from KL .
Cannot talk, no eye contact, cannot stop running around, very bad behavior , Hyper active, cannot accept NO for an answer and many others , but love music very much must buy CD's of a few singers and hold them in his hands all the time and at times he will give you a few

of the sound he likes, never understand a thing of this world or instructions or happenings but only his few CD's.
After 3 months of treatment he could talk and react to his name and calls, after 9 months more he could go to a normal school .

Autism Cure Case 5- True Story

Name : Wlison from KL ,Age 5 .

Seriously Heavy Autism- No speech, cannot go out of his home otherwise the parent has to carry him tide for hours even, very scare of all things, very hyperactive at home ,very aggressive behavior, no eye contact, jumping up and down all the time, don't understand any things or words in this world, all in his own Autism world.

It took a long time to get him all out of his own Autism world, 12 months . Daily with our Autism Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Brain Powder.

Now his mother call up and said he has got the best performance award in his school, sharing her joy with us all, and really out of Autism.

Autism Cure Case 6- True Story

Name : Kai Zhee of Johor. total cured.

No eye contact, very hyperactive, don't understand a thing in this world, no reaction to very loud sound or very dangerous situations, he ran towards fast driving cars from opposite direction many time, parents and relatives think he was blind and deaf, one of the very bad case.

After 6 months of treatment now he can take his younger brother to school in public transport ( school bus) and has a perfect life and good school results and take care of his brothers homework (teaching). The parents calls now and again, and also brings in new autistic kids to KL acupuncture and herbal centre.

Even though it may be timely and effort consuming, we have to do it once and for all - for their whole life.

The younger they start the faster and better change of getting better recovery.

Many Kids that have come form US, London, Pakistan, Korea, Singapore, UK, Africa, India, Bangladesh, Malicus Island, Denmark etc, etc all over the world to this Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Centre in KL Kuala Lumpure Malaysia.

If kids cannot come in soon enough, then we will prescript some herbal brain powder first until they can come for the treatment, and also many do gets improved from just the brain herbal powder.
A lot of the kids improved so much that they decided to just continue with the herbs alone.


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